Coc Coc robots

Coc Coc robots (bots, crawlers) are web crawling robots created by the Coc Coc Search Engine. The robots discover and download websites/pages in order to include them in Coc Coc’s search engine index. We have several main robot types. They can be distinguished by their user agent strings which you may find in your access logs.

User agent string Robot name Comment
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; coccocbot/1.0; + coccocbot Generic name for all Coc Coc robots
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; coccocbot-web/1.0; + coccocbot-web Main web robot
coccocbot-web/1.0 (+ coccocbot-web Main web robot. We use this name in some cases instead of
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; coccocbot-web/1.0; +
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; coccocbot-image/1.0; + coccocbot-image Image robot
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; coccocbot-fast/1.0; + coccocbot-fast Fast robot
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; coccocbot-ads/1.0; + coccocbot-ads Ads robot
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; coccocbot-shopping/1.0; + coccocbot-shopping Robot for crawling e-commerce websites

To know more about how to control behavior of the robots with user agents, see, for example, this article.

To check the authenticity of our robots you can use reverse DNS lookup. In your access logs find the IP address which was used to make requests with our user agent string. Make a reverse DNS lookup for the IP address to determine the host domain name. The host name must end with "". Finally make a forward DNS lookup with that host name. It must return the original IP address. If you see some different result, most likely somebody tries to pretend to be a Coc Coc robot.