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Coccoc bot

Coccoc bot is a web crawling bot made by Coc Coc search engine. The bot will discover new and updated pages to be added to Coc Coc search engine index. By allowing Coccoc Bot to index your website, the number of users who are able to find your content will increase and make your site more popular on the search engine.

Coccoc bot supports robot exclusion standard (robots.txt) and uses user agent of the following form:

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; coccoc/1.0; +

If you want to lower the rate of visits of our crawler, you can use crawl-delay directive in your robots.txt. For example:

User-agent: coccoc
Crawl-delay: 1

Or you can write us about your required crawl delay.

*Notice: We don't support crawl delays greater than 10. So, crawl delay of 100 is treated as 10.

If you have any questions and complaints regarding coccoc bot, use this form to post them, please.